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Down on the Farm

Our daughter, Kara, was in town.  Kara has a fascination with goats and our friend Laura was nice enough to invite us all over to her farm to see her real life goats.

While goats were the main attraction for us, we first had to get by the chickens.  And there were LOTS of chickens of several different breeds.

I think my favorite one was the big, proud Rhode Island Red rooster.  And doesn't he look iconic sitting on the barn door?

 And then on to the goats.  They had a couple of nannies and this old, stately billy goat.

But the main event...the pièce de résistance, if you will, was the little kid.  A cute little guy, playful and full of energy.  Kara loved it.  Nina did too.

We even got to watch Laura milking one of the goats.

Thanks, Laura, for the great morning it was down on goat farm!

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